Systems Leadership Theory Library

The SLT Library contains a mixture of book chapters, theoretical papers and articles, course programmes, slides, training manuals and other documents. Some of these materials date back 30 years or more and are of historic interest to those concerned with the early development of both the theory and its application. Others are completely up-to-date and available for authorised purposes.

There are two sets of materials available here. The Public Library contains a limited selection of these documents which are available to anyone browsing the site. These documents can be read and circulated freely providing that they are not altered in any way, and provided that the source and copyright are acknowledged as the property of Macdonald Associates Consultancy.

The Members’ Library contains the main body of restricted materials. It is password-protected.

Macdonald Associates Consultancy

Macdonald Associates Consultancy (MAC) is an international consultancy company working in many different sectors and countries. The consultancy work we do is built upon a set of practical and proven concepts known as Systems Leadership Theory.

Systems Leadership enables the leaders in an organisation to create the conditions where people at all levels can work productively to their potential. It uses sound principles about human behaviour to create models of good leadership, organisational strategy, systems design and social process. It provides leaders with tools that help to predict people’s behaviour in their organisation. It also helps to build effective systems which drive productive behaviour and lead to a more effective realisation of the organisation’s purpose.

Systems Leadership has been developed by Dr Ian Macdonald throughout his career as an academic and a management and organisational behaviour expert, Professor Catie Burke of the University of Southern California and Karl Stewart, first as a Managing Director and now as a consultant. It has a basis in the work of Elliot Jaques and has since been added to by other MAC Associates and clients.

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Bioss is a global network of organisation and people development consultancies.

We work in the private, public and third sectors to support effective decision-making at all levels and help clients develop and deliver on their strategies in a complex world.

Bioss has research-tested and field-proven its understanding of individual capability and organisational complexity for over forty years in twenty-two countries spanning five continents.

We offer organisations new ways of thinking, helping them to tap into latent value and remove excess cost and waste.

We have also helped more than sixty thousand people across the world to appreciate their present capability and realise their future potential.

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