What is Work?

Work is a very ambiguous term that is used to mean many different things. Work is about how a person goes about achieving their task within the defined constraints or limits. It requires individuals to use their judgment to make decisions to achieve a productive purpose. In short it is about turning intention into reality.

Work involves thinking (to identify and resolve the critical issues), deciding on a pathway and then acting to implement this pathway. People are not employed to be robots that just follow orders (dependent). People are employed to think, clarify, put forward ideas and in general find the best way they can of achieving their tasks within the defined limits while still respecting the authority of their leader (interdependent).

Work is therefore a human process involving the use of judgement and discretion &emdash; each of us creating our pathway as far as is possible. How well people are allowed to do this in their workplace will be key to their sense of well being and to their self-esteem.